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      Help Pay My Bill

      Consider these programs if you’re struggling to pay your monthly energy bill.

      Popular Monthly Plans

      Select one of these plans then log into your account to see if you qualify.

      Payment Plan

      Helpful if you missed payments and have a past due balance. Pay off your balance over a period of time with no interest and no money down.

      Budget Billing Plan

      Want to manage your budget and tame seasonal spikes on your energy bill? Set up budget billing and pay a fixed rate each month based on your average annual usage.

      Income-Based Assistance Programs

      Designed for lower-income customers, you may be able to participate in these programs if you meet income and eligibility guidelines as set by your state. 

      Electric Assistance

      The New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program (EAP) offers income-based discounts on your monthly electric bill. 

      Neighbor Helping Neighbor

      You may be eligible for the Neighbor Helping Neighbor program if you don't qualify for federally funded assistance programs.

      Community Action Programs

      Agencies in your area can help you find assistance and apply for programs.